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FUJIFILM Archive Services - Archivierung von Firmendaten



After your data has been transported to the FUJIFILM high security centre, the media on which it is held undergoes a certified process which consists of the following steps:

  • Media registration, RFID analysis, verification tests, status report
    • Registration of barcode information
    • Documentation of additionally applied data carrier information
    • Generation of metadata
    • Analysis of suitable cartridges using the FUJIFILM DC analyser for determining the state of the media
    • Medium status verification test (physical readability test, detection of read errors)
    • Data status verification test (analysis of the “header” information, inventory and catalogue compilation, transfer to the meta-database, creation and maintenance of all necessary system environments)
    • Preparation of a status report
  • Migration/conversion, data warehousing
    • Migration/conversion of the delivered data to the innovative, standardised target format
    • Checking of data consistency
    • Storage and reproach of the data in the archive of FUJIFILM Archive Services
    • Data management re-organisation
    • Metadata organisation
    • Image storage of older data carries – upon request
    • Interpretation – API backups (application programming interface) of Lotus Notes, MS-EXCHANGE, SAP, and database backups for example – upon request
    • External, geographically separate storage of backup copies in accordance with DIN/ISO 27001 (BCM: Business Continuity Management)

FUJIFILM Archive Services – your corporate data in the best hands.

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