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FUJIFILM Archive Services - Archivierung von Firmendaten


Professional processes take care for a secure archiving of your corporate data.


Archiving with FUJIFILM Archive Services represents a comprehensive solution which begins with taking charge of your existing archive. This step is not limited to any specific medium (tapes, optical media, hard disks and hardware systems).

The process of FUJIFILM Archive Services covers the following areas:

  • Data Transport (e.g., by trained security staff)
  • Media Registration
    Barcode, documentation of other data carrier information, generation of metadata
  • Cartridge RFID analysis
    Offline analysis and tape status diagnosis of cartridges with an integrated RFID chip
  • Medium (data carrier) status verification test
    Physical readability test to detect read errors
  • Data status verification test
    Readout of header information, inventory and catalogue compilation, transfer to the meta-database, creation and maintenance of all necessary system environments
  • Data backup status report
    Documentation of tests in a consolidated report
  • Format migration/conversion
    Migration/conversion of the delivered data to the innovative, standardised target format.
  • Data storage in the FUJIFILM Data Center
    Data is stored and held in readiness, data management, metadata organisation
  • Storage of data backups
    High security centre (air-conditioned, access-controlled, with special fire prevention and fire-fighting facilities)
  • Warehousing of backup copies
    Military bunker at a remote location, comprehensive security concept
  • Data Recall
    Provision of archived data in the desired format
  • Web portal
    Administration of data stocks and recall of data (metadata review)

FUJIFILM Archive Services – the comprehensive archiving solution for your company!

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