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FUJIFILM Archive Services - Archivierung von Firmendaten



Here you will find answers to questions about all aspects of archiving in general and FUJIFILM Archive Services in particular. Just click on a question in the respective topic area.

  • Is FUJIFILM Archive Services a cloud solution?


    No – in a cloud solution the precise storage location of your data is not necessarily known (data is "in the cloud"). With FUJIFILM Archive Services, your data is in Germany, in Northrhine-Westphalia. It can be verified at any time, by auditing for example.

  • How do I get my data back when data are retrieved?


    Depending on the customer’s wishes, on a file basis via a password-protected secure FTP connection, or on any desired data carrier, e.g. USB, hard disk, tape or other media. If the data for a specific backup software are requested, this is also possible.

  • What happens if the storage period for some data has expired?


    The retention period is monitored in the system automatically. If the storage period has expired, you will be notified of this in your web portal.

  • If FUJIFILM has transferred the archive and more data for archiving is generated, how is this process governed? Do these new data have to be transferred physically again using new tapes or HDD?


    Upon request, FUJIFILM can provide an Appliance that transfers new archive data from the customer’s system to FUJIFILM Archive Services automatically via a highly secure data link. The Appliance is a small server system (1 HU) that runs software specially developed by FUJIFILM. The Appliance can be integrated in the customer’s existing network quite easily by the system administrator. No software needs to be installed in the customer’s system, the Appliance just has to be integrated in the network.

  • Is an overview of the stored archive data offered?


    Each customer receives a dedicated web portal, which the customer can administer personally. In the web portal, customers have a complete overview of all their stored archive data. They can also request the recall or deletion of data from this portal.

  • If web access is granted, is my data vulnerable to attack?


    NO – there is no connection to the high security area. All requests regarding data that are made via the web portal are physically fetched from the archive area; only then are the data made available, via a secure FTP link, for example.

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