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FUJIFILM Archive Services - Archivierung von Firmendaten



Any operation in which data is saved separately for safe keeping refers to all of the processes that are involved in copying data to additional data carriers. However, it is important to determine whether this is a backup solution or an archiving system.


The term backup is used to describe the process of saving an extra copy of data for short to medium periods. It is used to keep data available temporarily and to enable the recovery of data that might otherwise be lost as a result of physical damage to hard disks or incorrect actions by users.

Since the benefit of a backup is measured with respect to the short or medium term, the period for which the backup data volume is to be stored is usually in the range from a few days to several weeks – at the discretion of the responsible IT Management respectively according to the company regulation.


The term archiving is used to denote the long-term storage of data on a separate data carrier medium. The purpose of an archive is not just to enable the restoration of data in case of need; documentation-related considerations are also addressed.

In some industries, archiving is governed by statutory or in-house regulations. For example, the storage period for archives may be stipulated as a period ranging from a few years to several decades in legally binding rules.

In these cases, the ability of the media material to stand up to long-term storage and the technological availability of suitable devices for evaluating the archiving is extremely important. In the course of very long archiving periods, this may easily become a highly critical factor, since the technological development of storage media and associated devices is evolving constantly.

These known problems associated with archiving are addressed effectively with FUJIFILM Archive Services, which thus offers a comprehensive, future-proof archiving solution for your data.

FUJIFILM Archive Services – the innovative solution for your archiving needs!

Strategy "Archive made from Backup"
(unfavourable procedure)

Strategy "Separate Backup and Archive"
(optimal procedure)

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