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FUJIFILM Archive Services - Archivierung von Firmendaten



For archiving all archivable data, the FUJIFILM Appliance is used. The Appliance is a 1 U server system with software that has been specially developed by FUJIFILM to transfer new generated archive data from the customer’s system to the FUJIFILM high security computing centre automatically.

The Appliance can easily be integrated in the customer’s existing network by the administrator. It only needs to be integrated in the network; complicated, time-consuming software installation in the customer’s system is unnecessary.

How it works:

The Fujifilm Appliance provides a convenient, web-based user interface with many setting and verification options, and can be operated in active or passive mode.

  • Passive mode: If the customer is already using an HSM system, the Appliance is configured as the target in passive mode.
  • Active mode: In active mode, the Appliance performs cycled scans of storage areas defined by the customer to detect changes.

In the FUJIFILM centre, the transferred data is archived in conformance with data archiving regulations.

The archived data can now be reviewed via the portal at any time.
The process for requesting data recalls is simple and reliable.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic transport of all archive data collected in your organisation
    to the FUJIFILM Data Center
  • Small space requirement (1 HU x 19”)
  • Target mode for HSM and standard backup software
  • Intuitive interface for "Active mode"
  • Multiprotocol support (HTTP/S, FTP, CIFS, NFS, SFTP, etc.)
  • Customer-specific API interfaces
  • Storage capacity scalable in the multi-peta range
  • Encrypted high security link

With the FUJIFILM Appliance, your newly generated archive data will be transferred to the FUJIFILM high security computing centre automatically, easily, inexpensively.

FUJIFILM Archive Services – Your "Tapeless Tape Archive"

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