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FUJIFILM Archive Services - Archivierung von Firmendaten


Archive solution for film, video and photo | FUJIFILM Archive Services


Each company has its own particular requirements regarding data archiving. Besides the in-house specifications, industry-specific requirements and statutory regulations often exist, all of which must be complied with.

As a universal archiving solution, FUJIFILM Archive Services can be implemented across industry boundaries, regardless of the data formats to be archived or the media types used. The delivered data is dissociated from proprietary backup software and stored in our system in a format-neutral state.

In this way, it is possible to accommodate the special archiving requirements of banks and insurance companies as well as the individual wishes of small and medium size businesses. Film and video productions have particular requirements with regard to data archiving. Here too, FUJIFILM Archive Services provides an optimal archiving process that takes into account these particularities of larger film archives, video archives or photo archives.

FUJIFILM Archive Services – the innovative archiving solution:
format-neutral and across industry boundaries.

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